Times CEO on Paywall: ‘This is a long-term strategy’

Because there’s really nothing bigger than the New York Times finally announcing their paywall, we’ve got more about that from Ad Age. The magazine caught up with Janet Robinson, CEO of the Times, for an interview.

She tells Ad Age that the system was two years in the making and that the paper greatly considered reader feedback when constructing it. Robinson also says that about 15 percent of online readers will encounter the paywall, which isn’t that high at all.

As you can guess, Robinson and the Times view this paywall as a marathon, not a sprint:

This is a long-term strategy. In the long term, we have the opportunity to not only maintain our audience but to grow it. In the short-term perspective, going to something new in this transition time, there may be a slight dip in traffic.

But from the perspective of the way we’ve constructed the bundles and will remain part of the digital ecosystem, we believe we have protected our traffic and consequently protected our advertising inventory and advertising revenue.