Time’s 100 Party

Party details….


Gawker’s caption: “Ana Marie Cox stopped berating John Huey about the Mark Halperin hire long enough to pose for this photo.” (And yes, black on black clothing makes it very hard to figure out just what those hands are doing…)

We also forgot to bring this to your attention recently:

    The Appelbaum firm, specializing in interpretive exhibits, is known for infusing ordinary objects with meaning. Its past projects include the Holocaust Museum here and the original Newseum. The Newseum will have 600 artifacts on display, one-tenth of its collection. There’s a pencil, but it was used by Mark H. Kellogg, a reporter killed at Little Bighorn with Custer in 1876, and since blogging is best done in pajamas, Newseum also showcases the turquoise slippers worn by Ana Marie Cox when she wrote as Wonkette, the sassy Washington blogger. (She now writes for Time.com.)