Time Spent on Social Networks Increases by 82% in 2009

There is no doubt that social networking is a significant part of our daily routine. Tweeting and updating your Facebook status is as usual chatting with your work buddies drinking morning coffee in the office.

According to Nielsen, last year we spent 82% more time on social networking sites than we did in 2008.

The sites to blame for such increase of course are Facebook and Twitter – these networks shows impressive growth in their visitor numbers too:

United States with largest audience is also among the countries whose users spent over six hours per month on social media sites. Leaders is Australians spending nearly 7 hours networking online. Japan users somehow managed to limit their time online and it is almost twice as low as an average time spent by other users.

I’m wondering whether Facebook and Twitter, as the sites responsible for the most hours spent by users, will be able to hold (increase) the attention also next year.

via [ReadWriteWeb]