Time Passes Slowly for OC Register/ LA Times Discovers Amateur Hour

Ad Chase & Sanborn Amateur Hour 2.jpeg

News travels fast, except in Orange County, where it’s around 1994, and the web log is all the rage. Gary Robbins, a science columnist at the Orange County Register, helpfully explains:

You can post something new on your blog in seconds, and it sometimes seems like reaction from readers arrives nearly as quickly.

FBLA is curious to know what these reader reactions are, exactly.

FBLA also notices that Patrick Goldstein is trying out some new words, as well. Writing in the LA Times, he’s all atwitter over American Idol as

a classic example of user-generated content.

But it’s not. It’s a talent show, just like Ted Mack or Amateur Night at the Apollo or Star Search. That the audience can vote online or by text message is just another twist on a very old formula.

Goldstein then segues to YouTube and UTA’s online tv channel and describes UTA’s Brent Weinstein, as the guy who

heads UTA’s groundbreaking unit devoted to scouting online talent.

Great, except UTA doesn’t scout anything–the submissions come to them–that’s the beauty part. Big Fantastic, the group behind Sam has 7 Friends, is Goldstein’s example of UTA discoveries–not that anything concrete has happened for them since signing with UTA. Face it, by the time a writer like Goldstein finds out about something, it’s over.