Time Magazine I: Krauthammer And Kristol Are Outta Here

1219krauthammer.jpgConservative columnists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer are both leaving Time magazine, according to the Observer. Neither had their contracts renewed. The publication, which has long had a reputation of slanting towards the right (going way back to founder Henry Luce‘s ties to the Republican Party and up to the present, according to some), is ultimately motivated by the almighty dollar. That’s why Time recently redesigned their magazine. It’s also why the magazine keeps employing much-maligned humorist Joel Stein — people read him (and, in the red states, even like him).

For Time, it appears that giving two of the biggest supporters of the Iraq War in the media just wasn’t a smart decision. Krauthammer told the Observer, when asked why he didn’t renew his contract: “It’s a hypothetical that didn’t arise.”

No worries about either of them having career problems any time soon as a result, though… Krauthammer still has his Washington Post column and Kristol still has that crazy Weekly Standard of his.