TIME Magazine All Access to Print, Web, iPad App – Surprise Success for TIME Too?

TIME may have an iPad e-magazine rarity on their hands: A magazine with content behind a subscription firewall that is highly sought after and read. Earlier this week, TIME announced an “All Access” plan that charges $36 a year for weekly delivery of the paper TIME magazine, web (desktop) access and iPad app access. TIME notified me that As a journalist who covers TIME, you are being given a complimentary subscription to TIME magazine on TIME.com and tablet apps. It went on to say that I would receive a notification on Thursday July 21 (yesterday) when the subscription was ready. Good to their word, an email notification was delivered on Thursday, I activated my subscription and was told that my subscription was confirmed. However, I was unable to login. A notification was on my iPad’s home screen this morning notifying me that a new issue was available. The app immediately asked me to create a subscriber ID again. I did so and was still unable to respond. Checking my email, I saw a message from TIME in response to the email I sent yesterday regarding the login problem. It instructed me to reset my password to create a new one. I did so (tried to reset my password) and saw the following error message.

We’re sorry, the link that you clicked on could not be served. We are experiencing a temporary delay due to high volume. Please click RELOAD and try again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Reseting my password worked after returning to the web password reset a second time a bit later. However, while I am able to access TIME’s magazine contents in a desktop web browser, the iPad app needed a soft reset (tap and hold its icon in the status list, then remove the process – not the app itself) to get it working. I’ll have more to say about the app after I get a chance to play with it a bit more.

This, in an odd way, may actually be good news for TIME although it also means there will be a lot of grumpy subscribers. It may mean that TIME All Access subscription campaign is so successful that it far overshot the server requirement estimates for the expected campaign response.

Now, the question is: Will iPad owners pass around their iPad as they once did with paper magazines to let other people read articles?

You can learn more about TIME All Access and the iPad app at:

TIME magazine iPad app FAQs