Time Magazine #1 Gadget of 2009: The Droid!

Time Magazine’s gadget list surprised me quite a bit…

Time Magazine Top 10 Gadgets of 2009

The Motorola Droid took the #1 spot! I fully expected the iPhone 3GS or perhaps the Kindle 2 to take that spot. So, what is in the second position? Would you believe the Barnes & Noble Nook ebook reader? Yep, there it is. The 3GS shows up at #4 (beaten by the Dyson Air Multiplier – I kid you not!). And, the poor Kindles (both 2 and DX) are nowhere to be found in the list.

So, what’s on your list of the best gadgets of 2009? Is it even close to Time’s list? The list I’m starting to compile in my head doesn’t look anything like Time’s. Let me mull it over for a while. I’ll probably announce my top 5 or 10 list next week. Stay tuned!