Time Inc., Smithsonian Pair Up On Advertising

Advertising revenues are at a premium these days, so magazine publishers are seeking ever more creative ways to market themselves to advertisers.

Take today’s announcement that Time Inc. is now pairing with Smithsonian Media — the publisher of high class titles like Smithsonian magazine — to offer multi-title advertising opportunities to clients. Time Inc. will now include Smithsonian’s titles in its offerings, adding to Smithsonian’s sales efforts that are already in place.

Although Time Inc.’s 21 magazines and 26 Web sites in the U.S. have a greater reach, Smithsonian is one of the largest magazines in the country — reaching seven million readers with a circulation of two million. So even though on the outset it seems like Smithsonian has the most to gain from this partnership, it looks like Time Inc. will also be pulling in some additional ad space from allying itself with Smithsonian’s iconic brands.

“This is a great opportunity for both companies to bring even more to our advertising partners,” said Time Inc.’s president of corporate sales and marketing Leslie Picard in a statement about the partnership, adding that Smithsonian’s brands are “wonderful complement” to Time’s portfolio.

Who will partner up next?

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Time Inc. and Smithsonian Media Announce New Strategic Partnership

— Time Inc. to include Smithsonian in corporate sales offering —

New York, N.Y. (Feb. 1, 2010) — Beginning this month, Time Inc. will include Smithsonian Media properties — led by Smithsonian magazine and the Smithsonian Media digital network — among its advertising sales and marketing offerings, it was announced today by Time Inc. and Smithsonian Media.

Through the new strategic partnership, Time Inc. will include Smithsonian Media properties in corporate-level, multi-title opportunities offered to its clients. The arrangement will augment, not replace, Smithsonian’s existing sales efforts. The two companies will share in revenues generated from advertising sales associated with this partnership.

“This is a great opportunity for both companies to bring even more to our advertising partners,” said Leslie Picard, President of Time Inc. Corporate Sales & Marketing. “Smithsonian Media properties are of the highest quality, led by its flagship, Smithsonian magazine. They are a wonderful complement to Time Inc.’s best-in-class portfolio of trusted brands.”

“We’re pleased to join with Time Inc. in this endeavor, as both Smithsonian and Time Inc. publish truly iconic, legendary brands,” said Tom Ott, President of Smithsonian Enterprises. “I’m confident that advertisers will be receptive to this new opportunity.”