Time Inc. and Meredith Talks Stall Because No One Likes Iowa

Despite all the chatter about a merger, there are now reports that execs from Time Inc. and Meredith haven’t been able to come anywhere close to an agreement. In fact, there are no face-to-face meetings between the two sides planned for this week. One big problem is that Time Inc. and Meredith can’t decide what to do with Time, Fortune, Money and Sports Illustrated.

Barry Lucas, an analyst at Gabelli & Company, told the New York Post that as more problems arise, the more he doubts a deal will happen. “There are a lot of things that work against a deal and the bigger the deal, the harder it is to get done,” he explained.

Lucas was being vague about the “things that work against a deal,” and sure, those four titles might be an issue, but let’s be honest, we know what’s happening here.

If the talks fall through, blame Iowa. In almost every report about the media combo, there has been a mention about how people think Iowa (where Meredith is headquartered) sucks. But those people have never even been to Iowa! It can’t be that bad. Here are a few good things about the state that we found:

Good Things About Iowa

  • There’s an Adventureland. Adventurelands, rumor has it, are full of adventure.
  • The Bridges of Madison County was filmed in Iowa.
  • English is the native language.

See? Iowa is probably pretty fantastic.

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