Tim Rutten: LA Times Readers Above Average, Good Looking and Rich


LA Times columnist Tim Rutten, in a letter to Poynter slaps Kurt Andersen for giving “silly advice”. Rutten is miffed that Andersen wrote about how to fix the LA Times, as Andersen has never lived here. The LA Times has at least one highly-placed editor who barely lived here, the Spring Street Project has a member who’s never lived here, Marilyn Thompson, and anyway, that’s not the point. Anderson said that only 19 percent of readers were college grads and Rutten sets him straight:

Forty-two percent of the Los Angeles Times’ daily readers are college graduates, half of them with post-graduate degrees. Their median income is $73,187.

FBLA thinks this must be the journalistic equivalent of the “My kid is an honor student” bumper stickers. So, not quite half of the LA Times readers have a BA; does this mean that Rutten will resign if David Geffen, college drop-out, buys the paper?

Rutten goes on:

Free advice offered from afar and in ignorance is worth about what you pay for it.

This statement is hilarious–Rutten offers free advice in every column as does the entire editoral staff–are they overpaid?