Tide’s Halloween Vines Are Now Everywhere

And with the help of Digitas, brand keeps cranking them out

Advertising is under attack by Vine videos, which are wrapping around Twitter streams, TV sets—and now getting entangled with billboards, thanks to Tide. The Procter & Gamble brand is using creative from its onslaught of Halloween-themed Vine spots in digital out-of-home ads in 11 markets; they run through Oct. 31.

The campaign is the first of its kind in terms of combining outdoor with the six-second videos, building on the groundbreaking Dunkin’ Donuts TV-Vine initiative that debuted last month. Though to be clear, Tide is only using stills from the Halloween Vines in its roadside digital billboards (full videos are prohibited for driver-safety reasons).

“We want to stay as relevant as possible during Halloween,” said Randy Limes, brand manager, fabric care digital, e-commerce at P&G.

Though the Tide push has the attention of the digital out-of-home industry. “We’ve never seen social in something this broad-based,” said Stephen Randall, CEO of LocaModa, which runs Twitter and Foursquare content in outdoor signage for its clients. “I’m for anything that pushes the envelope.”

Working with Digitas, Tide had planned to create seven Vines that spoof horror films leading up to Halloween. But they’ve ramped up the output to one video every two days. “People are having a lot of fun with them,” Limes said, “and we are going to keep cranking them out.”

Limes plans to employ Vine spots in Web display ads and other campaigns. “Vine is interesting because it’s not just a launch and leave,” he said. “It can drive engagement for weeks.”

And in the case of Tide, perhaps scare your pants off and right into the washing machine.

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