Thursday Poll: Is Jake Tapper Right About Laying Off of Trump Supporters?


In an interview with TheWrap, CNN’s Jake Tapper talks with our former colleague Brian Flood about media coverage following Donald Trump‘s New Hampshire victory.

Tapper was critical of The Daily News’ opinions-on-it-front-page characterization of Trump supporters as zombies, and of The Huffington Post’s piece on the win with its “A Racist, Sexist Demagogue Just Won The New Hampshire Primary” headline.

Here’s what he had to say:

“But, I think journalistically, to not take Donald Trump seriously is a mistake. And I think journalistically to attack people who support a candidate is the very height of elitism,” added Tapper. “These are Americans exercising their right to vote and it’s important to go out and meet them and talk to them and find out why they’re supporting the candidates they’re supporting. It’s not my approach to journalism. My approach to journalism is to cover what’s going on and try to understand it and understand the voters and the candidates, not to mock them.”

Do you agree with Tapper? Is it elitist to be critical of someone who regularly delivers bullying, xenophobic, misogynistic statements? And for those that view the candidate favorably, is it fair game to call them out on their support?

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