Thrillist Turns One By Tossing Knives At Blondes

thrillist_knives_sm.jpgThrillist, our man-fed new media neighbors, celebrated their one year anniversary last night at Guest House by doing what 20-something dudes are wont to do: throw knives at 20-something defenseless women. Freelance writer Noah Davis reports for FishbowlNY:

It looked like another night of talking to ourselves, Bud Lights in plastic bottles and strange-tasting Cuervo shots until we were introduced to Adam Rich, Thrillist’s founder and editor. Rich told FishbowlNY that he and his boys started the email because there was “nothing in the demographic that’s for us.

For the party, they convinced sponsors to provide 1,000 cases of beer and 480 cases of liquor. “We’ve got this place ’til the booze runs out,” our host explained. Sure, the number of blazers was near-unbearable, and the girls said things like “I only dated Jewish guys in college” without irony, but we can’t spend every night in the Lower East Side. Toss in a dude throwing knives at a defenseless, attractive blonde and you’ve got yourself a thrill.


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