Three Ways to Organize Your Home Office

Sure, as freelancers our home office is often the nearby Starbucks but in many times it’s our living room. Although office dwellers may learn a tip or two from this post as well, here are three ways to organize the home office…

1. Invest in adequate furniture. This goes without saying. Keeping in mind you’ll need adequate space for said furniture but everything should have its own space like a spot for reference materials, a filing cabinet and oh yes, a printer.

2. Establish activity centers. According to a post on HGTV, an office should have different zones. As for the work center, well it should include a clear workspace, the computer and office products. Then of course, there’s the reference center which encompasses binders, manuals, and various professional books. Lastly, the supply center contains office supplies and paper.

3. Properly place the hardware and peripherals. This pointer makes sense but how many times have you realized you use a certain spiral notebook for notetaking or tape recorder for phone interviews only to realize they’re never within hands reach? As recommended in the piece, position your equipment by frequency. For instance, if you use your printer on a daily basis, ensure it’s within reach. However, if it’s only used once or twice a month, you can hide it under a desk so it’s out of sight, out of mind.