Three Ways to Ace the Panel Interview

videoWhile we talk a lot about job interviews, one type of interview which is often dreaded is the good ol’ panel interview. Yes, we’re talking about being interviewed by five people at the same time because after all, there’s nothing like a pressure cooker!


You can ace this. You will ace this. We know you will but it doesn’t hurt to have a little ammo at the ready to truly rock it.

1. Assume it’s just one person interviewing you with questions delegated to various people. Instead of feeling intimidated by the numbers, assume it’s just several people sharing the same pool of interview questions.

Yes, we know that’s easier said than done but it’s also saving you time. And it could be to your benefit they’re interviewing you at the same time. Often times interviewers end up asking the same questions individually and you end up feeling repetitive. Or they may not have similar feedback based on different interviews — this way they’re all evaluating you the same time.

2. Stay calm and lean on your typical interview skills for success. Typically you would smile, right? Well, just because the game has changed doesn’t mean the rules have. Continue to make small talk and eye contact. Likeability is critical so they’re probably assessing you in terms of your ability to fit in well with the team.

3. Don’t feel rushed. In a speed interview situation (think speed dating except during a job interview), you’ll meet with a new interviewer every five minutes or so. Yes, you’re still attempting to sell yourself to an employer but that doesn’t mean to let the brisk structure rattle you.

Take deep breaths. Exhale. Embrace silence. Be honest and sincere. Most importantly, be yourself.