Three Quintessential Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

During a job interview, you’re likely assessing the temperature of the water, how’s it going and most importantly, how it will end. As in next steps.

Well, according to a piece on Forbes, there are a few essential questions to ask to make yourself memorable in comparison to other candidates and land the follow up interview and eventually the job.

1. “Is there any reason why you wouldn’t hire me?” Granted, we think this one is a bit bold and you may not get a direct answer because you’re putting the interviewer on the spot but in the piece, Kelsey Meyer of Digital Talent Agents mentioned a recent candidate asked that question.

He explained, “This was extremely straightforward and a little blunt, but it allowed me to communicate any hesitations I had about the candidate before he left the interview, and he could address them right there.”

2. “How can I exceed your expectations as an employee?” Variations of this question could be something such as, “At the year-end performance review, how is performance measured and what does it take to get excellent feedback?” This question shows you’re ambitious and driven; you want to simply know what it takes to not only get the job done but to do it well.

Plus, the goal isn’t only to shine during the interview. Your goal is also to gather information and the answer will reveal itself in terms of how performance is measured and what’s entailed to be recognized to be an excellent performer in the organization.

3. “How can I help your company meet its goals?” So many candidates often try to showcase their skills but fail to demonstrate how they’ll add to the organization. Yes, it’s really a matter of what have you done for me lately? Companies want to know how you’ll increase their bottom line, how will you contribute to their success, and ultimately how they will benefit from hiring you.

Rachel Dotson, content manager of, indicated in the piece it shows the hiring manager you’re “there for the long-run, not just another new grad that is going to follow suit with her peers and job-hop every six months.”