Three Questions for Maria Cristina Marrero, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Siempre Mujer Magazine’

3QuestionsEarlier this week, we caught up with Maria Cristina Marrero’s at the WiCi Awards in Manhattan. The editor-in-chief of Siempre Mujer Magazine received her own award and we soon discovered the honoree possesses an impressive portfolio.

Her title has experienced a 25 percent increase in subscriptions after a radical redesign! Under Marrero’s leadership, their site was launched successfully with over 200,000 monthly uniques. In addition, this multi-tasker is frequently quoted as a lifestyle expert in Hispanic media on topics relating to women. Oh and by the way, she contributes on a weekly basis with CNN en Espanol’s Showbiz as their New York correspondent.

MJD: What does being fearless mean to you?

MCM: You have to start by thinking that fear does not exist, that’s what my father taught me and I know it’s a little difficult to believe at times but I always say that maybe I have a delay in that emotion or I just don’t have it in me. I do things and then six months later I go, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing?’ so I do feel it and I’m sensitive to it but I just do it!

Just try things and I always say I’d rather regret doing something than not having done something. When you believe you can do it, you do it, that’s it. I’m also very thankful, every morning I say thank you and for what’s about to happen. Stay in the moment, stay present. If you get caught up in the past too much, you think about what you could have done, if you think about the future too much, it’s like, ‘Someday I will be happy.’ No, you’re here — you should be happy today.

MJD: Are there opportunities for our MediaJobsDaily readers, many of whom are freelancers, to pitch your magazine if they don’t speak Spanish?

MCM: We’re a Spanish-language magazine. We do have a lot of American people on the team working more on the creative side in the art department but it’s necessary to write in Spanish.

MJD: What’s next for your career?

MCM: Our magazine is awarded again for the Hot List Award at Ad Age. It’s amazing to be nominated so we’re growing and growing. There’ so much more room for growth. It’s only an eight year-old magazine and we’re already profitable, so many great things are happening. I think I need to stay for a little while. I also love TV and I’ve done TV for a good amount of time, just enjoying everything. Day by day.