Three (Plus Four!) Reasons To Be A Contract Recruiter

Hey, the entire media industry is going from salaried to contract workers, so why shouldn’t you, if you work with ’em, right? has up a list of seven reasons why it’s better to recruit as a contractor. (This is not the same as becoming a headhunter, though! ERE explains: “Contract recruiters usually work for a particular corporation or other recruiting firm and do not own their own business…”)

Here’s a teaser..there are four more reasons at the original post. We bolded the stuff we think is extra-important.

Reason #1: Job Security. There is no job security working as an employee. I think anyone in a job that does not generate revenue, invent new products or services, or interact with customers in a strategic way is in jeopardy of being laid off in the next year or so, as I indicated above. There is no better security than that you create for yourself. If you build the networks, skills and put aside the resources to weather the downtimes, you will find much greater security in working for yourself.

Reason #2: You Do More and Do it Better. As an entrepreneurial recruiter, you will have to develop more cost-effective, and efficient recruiting methods, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction. These have been elusive goals for corporate recruiters, who struggle with internal bureaucracy, an HR leadership team that does not understand or appreciate what a recruiting function needs to be successful, and few dollars for investment. There is almost no benefit to a corporate recruiter in being more efficient or cost effective. If they try to do so, they will lose budget dollars and staff. Contract recruiters can make prompt decisions and invest where they need to and therefore better serve their customers, and reap the greater profits.

Reason #3: You get more respect. As an independent professional you automatically get more respect from clients. If your demeanor and attitude are also professional, you will be listened to and hiring managers will take your advice. Contrary to the experience of many corporate recruiters, managers will solicit your opinions and market knowledge. The expert contract recruiter understands the labor market and can explain it to hiring managers. They can give examples of what other clients are doing and can apply the best practices of many. These are benefits that are hard for a corporate recruiter to offer.

Sound about right? Corporate recruiters, how secure are you feeling right now? Freelancers, how about you?