Three Offices Down The Hall

The NYO’s star Gabe Sherman fills in more details in this week’s paper issue to his online scoop about the masthead switch-up at The New Republic.

Later this week, Sherman reports, Franklin Foer will move three doors down into the editor’s corner office at 13th and H Streets NW. Outgoing Peter Beinart will in turn become an editor-at-large and write the paper’s vaunted “TRB” column.

Beinart explained the bloodless coup, a rarity at a weekly known for its fiery shake-ups, by saying that he simply had lost the will to edit, even after a year off to write a book on liberalism and national security: “I was just losing some of my fire in the belly for the job,” he said. “The book period was partly an effort to get it out of my system. In a way, it had the opposite effect. I didn’t want to take this place for granted.”

Talks had been underway for a few weeks, and Foer was the “obvious” choice to replace Beinart. And, at least according to Sherman’s two blind quotes, Foer gets good intial reviews: “This is exactly what the magazine needs. It’s been dead lately,” and “Frank is the only person who understands the magazine.”

Anyone else want to weigh in?

> An emailer says: “It’s odd that Marty Peretz hasn’t offered the New Republic editorship to Leon Wieseltier (the Literary Editor). Wieseltier has been there the longest, and is the best choice for the job.”