Three Must-Haves For Your Career This Fall

Well, it’s officially autumn and 2013 is in the home stretch now. Inspired by this post on The Daily Muse, there are a few ways to buckle down this fall.

1. Set year-end goals. The piece points out, “Take a look at your last performance review and your current workload, and think about one big thing outside of your typical day-to-day duties you can focus on this quarter. Is there a long-term, back-burner project you’d love to wrap up by the end of the year (or a new one you’d love to pitch to your boss)?”

We know you can do it — set aside blocks of time (even 20 minutes) on a daily basis to get focused on your goal.

2. Tweak your elevator pitch. Maybe you coasted over the summer and now you’re ramping up your career moxie. It could be time to tweak your elevator pitch and make it sparkle a little more. You can thank the brevity of Twitter for this: Is it succinct enough? Are there extraneous words you may omit? Go for it.

3. Set a work-free zone. We really dig this and wonder why we didn’t think of it for the summer? Set aside a place such as a room in your house where technology isn’t allowed.

Take it one step further as pointed out in the piece by setting aside a time of day like work-free lunch hours or absolutely no emails on Sundays. Break free to recharge and enjoy the simple things in life without work!