Quentin Tarantino Retirement Plans Hang Over THR Director Roundtable

It’s remarkable how much traction some early-retirement comments initially made by Quentin Tarantino in his Playboy interview with Deadline.com’s Mike Fleming continue to receive. Hundreds of pick-ups later, those intentions are a topic of conversation once more in the latest Hollywood Reporter awards season roundtable discussion.

The funny thing is that Tarantino indirectly challenges his whole assertion of not wanting to become a diminishing-cinematic-returns old fart when he reminds that his favorite film of 2011 was made by a 76-year-old (now 77) Woody Allen. Fellow panelist David O. Russell for one would like QT to keep at it:

Russell: Back to Quentin, about his whole thing about the young man’s game. First of all, I’m gonna try to convince you to keep making movies ’cause I love watching your movies. Second of all, I remember saying to Diane Keaton about 10 years ago, “What is it with Woody Allen?” I felt like his work had gotten shaky. And she said: “I don’t know. I don’t know how many times he can go back to that well.” But the fact that Woody Allen, every year, gets up and makes a movie, I think that’s a good way to live, and he hits a good average sometimes. I really loved Midnight in Paris.

Tarantino: It was my favorite movie of last year, actually.

Russell: So I want to be John Huston with the tube in my nose, and I want you to be up there.

To be fair, a big part of Tarantino’s early-retirement POV is his dissatisfaction with the film industry’s shift to digital cameras and projection. This latest Director Roundtable is by far the best one so far in the THR 2012 series. The Actor chat was surprisingly flat, while the Actress discussion proved to be much livelier though not as insightful as the one above. Enjoy.