Thomas Krens’ Post Guggenheim Plans?


Something we hadn’t seen when we reported on Thomas Krens announcing his departure from the Guggenheim Foundation were what his plans were after leaving. Now we’ve run across this story over at Bloomberg, “Guggenheim’s Krens Eyes Hudson Yards Museum, Seeks New Bilbaos,” which hints at, with help by Kerns himself, that he’s after building up some new foundations, including putting something in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards, something even not very Guggenheim-esque:

He would like to do what he calls the antithesis of Bilbao at Hudson Yards, a “building format that’s as simple as possible.” It might be built of the kind of precast concrete walls and beams that warehouses are often made out of. “With a 60,000-square-foot footprint, you could build 600,000 or 700,000 square feet, with a museum on every floor.”