This Writer Had Fun Last Night. It’s True!

Thanks to the surprisingly large group of people who showed up last night to the All Media Party here in Chicago. It was cold, dark, and there were threats of six inches or more of snow lingering, yet mediabistro readers packed the entire bar. Everyone was terrifically nice, interesting, and it was noted that several of the business cards passed over to this writer could turn out to be very valuable. If you’re in one of the cities mb is making stops at, holding these events, after attending our first last night, we highly recommend you going. Here’s where you’ll find all the info and here’s a list of the parties coming up:

Boston: Freelancers – 3/30

Detroit: All-Media – 3/28

Denver: All-Media – 3/27

London: All-Media – 3/23

Los Angeles: Primal Quest Launch Party – 3/30

Miami: All-Media – 3/21

New York: Freelancer – 3/27

New York: PR & Marketing – 3/28

San Francisco: All-Media – 3/22

Washington D.C.: PR & Marketing – 3/22

Washington D.C.: Media & Film – 3/30

Vancouver: All-Media – 4/5