This Week’s Top 5 Most Pirated eBooks Are Downloaded by Argumentative and Suspicious Folks

Have you ever wondered what the most pirated books were? Well, I have, so for the past few weeks I’ve been following the stats offered by The Pirate Bay. It’s been rather interesting, and the results have been fairly consistent.

To be honest, the most pirated books list has been so consistent that this might be the last time I post on it. It’s difficult to find something new to say.

Like last week and the weeks before, this week’s list is dominated by how-to guides and technical manuals. It seems that fiction, the most heavily sold eBook category, is also the least pirated.

Here’s today’s Top 5 Most Pirated eBooks (according to The Pirate Bay):

  1. Never Be Lied to Again: How to Get the Truth In 5 Minutes Or Less
  2. How to Win Every Argument : The Use and Abuse of Logic
  3. Men’s Fitness – 12 Minute Workout
  4. 101 Small Business Ideas for Under $5000
  5. Excel 2010 Formulas