This Week’s “Reliable Sources”

Two highlights: Clarence Page saying that he’d support Imus returning to radio and Norm Pearlstine saying that his decision to overrule Matt Cooper’s confidentiality promise to Karl Rove was “the most difficult decision I’ve had to make in 40 years of journalism.”

    HOWARD KURTZ, HOST: Desperate in Des Moines. Reporters flock to Iowa for a meaningless straw poll. Or is it?
    Open secret. Reporters find Rudy Giuliani’s teenage daughter flirting with another candidate on her Facebook page. Is no place off-limits?

    An Imus come back. Does the controversial morning man deserve another shot?

    Baghdad battle, “The New Republic” stands by a private who wrote about atrocious behavior by soldiers in Iraq. But the army says he was making it up.

    Plus, why the media won’t give Barry Bonds his due.

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