“This Week” Moves To 10AM

Looks like George is ready to take on the big boys: “This Week” with George Stephanopolous is moving from the 9am timeslot to 10am.

This time shift is just in Washington, D.C., and doesn’t change times elsewhere in the country.

Previous competition: (In Washington, D.C.)

NBC: News 4 Today
CBS: Sunday Morning
Fox: Fox News Sunday
CNN: Sunday Morning
FNC: Fox and Friends Sunday
MSNBC: News Live
C-SPAN: Washington Journal
PBS: Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria (9) / To the Contrary (9:30)

New competition:

NBC: The Chris Matthews Show (10am) / Meet the Press (10:30)
Fox: Joel Esteen (10am) / Sports Stars of Tomorrow (10:30)
PBS: Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg (10) / Religion & Ethics Newsweekly (10:30)
CBS: Sunday Morning (cont’d) / Face the Nation (10:30)
CNN: Reliable Sources
FNC: Fox News Live
C-SPAN: Newsmakers (10) / C-SPAN Weekend (10:30)