Native American News Magazine Goes Digital-Only

Since 1981, New York-based This Week From Indian Country Today has been rolling out to reservations across the country in print form. But no longer.

As of this week, the publication has gone digital-only. Some are worried about how this will impact the magazine’s reach, especially with older readers. But managing director Suzanne Sobel, formerly with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, is confident the publication is headed in the right, necessary direction. Here’s what she recently told AP writer Kristi Eaton:

“The reservations that don’t have broadband Internet, quite frankly they were also having a hard time getting the magazine too,” she said. Sobel said most tribal members on such reservations use their Smartphones to get information. She noted that the website had 550,000 unique visitors in June and continues to grow.

Helping Sobel with the digital transition is creative director Christopher Napolitano, previously an editor-at-large for Playboy. On the home page, This Week From Indian Country Today is promoting a special annual charter membership rate for its weekly eNewsletter launching July 17. An Atlanta reader who spoke to Eaton for the AP story says she considers the magazine to be the “Native version of The New York Times.” High praise.