This Week in Pool Reports

Week two of FishbowlDC’s White House Pool Report contest has concluded. Some of you are trying. Don’t be embarrassed — we can tell. Others, well, would it kill you to crack a joke or two? For us? To help along the way, these are some of our favs from this week:

  • “It’s after six and a few haystacks are laid out for the ‘Rodeo on the South Lawn’ of the White House this evening — cowboy coffee tables at a congressional picnic that POTUS threw for, well, Congress. And how about this: We will hear a band of congressmen singing: ‘You’ve Got to Change Your Evil Ways.’ Not making this up.” — Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune

  • “POTUS’s last event was in the embassy/palace ballroom –- a marble-clad wonder unlike any Marriott you’ve ever seen. Chandeliers were small, gold-plated doors were big. Ornate tiles on the ceiling and exotic red rugs on the walls. Oh, and an espresso bar complete with frappuccinos on the menu. Guess that wasn’t there when Saddam owned the joint.” — Richard Wolffe, Newsweek

  • “Cowpoke Karl, wearing a Rovian business suit with blue shirt open at the collar and sans bolo tie, is making small-talk with a sasparilla in one hand.” — Silva

  • “Everyone on the helicopters was in body armor except for the White House aides, who wore business suits but no armor. Bartlett had earlier said that POTUS would also not be wearing body armor, though we could not verify that for ourselves.” — Yochi Dreazen, Wall Street Journal

  • “The staff at Camp David moved around on golf carts. All are labeled ‘Camp David’ on the front. Except for ‘Golf Cart One.'” — Tara Copp, Austin American-Statesman

  • “The pool gathered outside an Arlington, Virginia hotel and was asked to surrender cell phones, blackberries etc. Some found this hard on an emotional level, but complied all the same.” — Wolffe, Dreazen