This Week In Pool Reports

Another slow-ish week in the pool reports, but take some brooding pool reporters, some Amish, and Josh Bolten on a motorcycle and, suddenly, things become interesting.

  • “Potus bounded around the chain link fence surrounding the field and, to the chagrin of at least some agents, strode headlong into the throng, shaking hands, posing for pictures and in the case of an elderly woman who bore a striking resemblance to his mother — and was not Amish — kissing and hugging her.” Jim Rutenberg, New York Times

  • “He shouted ‘Is that your boy?’ to an Amish man who had a blond-haired boy on his shoulders in matching straw hat and light blue shirt. When the man said ‘yes it is’ Mr. Bush said, ‘that’s great’ and then tried to say hello to another little boy with chubby cheeks in his father’s arms, who was too transfixed by the television camera in front of him to notice the leader of the free world trying to get his attention.” — Rutenberg

  • “Emerging from the dark and artificially chilled chamber of the temporary press pool trailer, your pool trudged, squinting all the way, to the sun-splashed South Lawn for the arrival of the president. We passed the gutted press briefing room, the chairs gone, and paused to wonder about you know what.” — Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune

  • “As potus stopped for pix Jeff Goldman of CBS News shouted out, ‘How bout bringing one of these down to the ranch,’ and Potus answered, ‘What do you think?’ Potus also said, ‘I’ll let Josh Bolten ride one of these, he’s got one.'” — Rutenberg

  • “Our fantasies of Bolten hopping on a hog and stealing South alas did not become reality. Apparently he was just gathering trinkets. Bolten emerged into a back lot where two dozen Harley employees were arranged in front of a truck trailer for a photo op with Potus carrying two Harley gift bags. They contained what he called a “fat boy” beer mug with a flip top, and a pen. Apparently these were gifts to himself — we’re told today is his birthday.” — Rutenberg

  • “The interviewer asked Bolten whether he thought Potus would take up motorcycling. Referring to the president’s appearance on the Softail earlier, Bolten said he had never seen the president fire one up before — his term, but apparently just biker-ese for turning an engine on. But he said he did not see Potus taking up motorcycling until at least 2009, because the Secret Service clearly wouldn’t stand for it until then.” — Rutenberg

  • “For those who did not make the trip, you missed it: Great room for the press, plasma television, hot coffee, sweet rolls, and choice of sandwiches, soft drinks and water for lunch. Major upgrade from the trailer.” — Jack Torry, Columbus Dispatch