This Week In Pool Reports

In this week’s episode of the pool reports, POTUS and FLOTUS play the role of proud parents and POTUS keeps a room of hungry Muslims waiting.

  • “President and Mrs. Bush departed the White House around 6:45 pm for a short trip via motorcade to the Hay-Adams Hotel, for what staff described as a party to celebrate the publication of Jenna’s first book, Ana’s Story. Jenna traveled in a separate car, wearing a blue dress something between royal and aqua, poolers concluded — flared at the hem, with open-toed heels. She was flanked by her sister Barbara, in a black dress, and Jenna’s fiancé Henry Hager, in a dark suit with light tie. The motorcade returned to the White House at 7:34.
    The pool was kept at a safe distance from partygoers and hors d’oeuvres.” — Sasha Issenberg, The Boston Globe

  • “Your pool was escorted in to the State Dining Room shortly after 7
    p.m., and the room fell silent soon after we entered. But it was several minutes before the president and first lady entered at 7:15 p.m., which likely seemed like a long time to the observant Muslim guests who had fasted throughout the day — the 22nd day of Ramadan.” — David Nitkin, Baltimore Sun

  • Saifulislam began his prayer with a preamble during which he told the president that the prophet Mohammed once that whomever in the month of Ramadan invites a person to break fast ‘gets the same reward as the person who fasts.’ ‘Mr. President, we’ve got you covered,’ Saifulislam said, drawing a small chuckle from the crowd.” – Nitkin, Baltimore Sun

  • “The evangelical president did not go to church today, but he did go on a bike ride. He left the White House at 7:53
    a.m., arriving at Fort Belvoir at 8:20 a.m. The pool then spent an hour at Starbucks. Motorcade departed at 10:25, arriving back at the White House at 10:52.” — Bill Sammon, The Washington Examiner

  • “Decked out in evening finery, President and First Lady Laura Bush left the White House at 6:50
    p.m., en route to the Library of Congress for the gala. The president donned a traditional tuxedo. Your color-blind (and fashion deaf) pooler would have a difficult time describing Mrs. Bush’s evening gown, which was called copper-reddish in color; at least one fellow correspondent described it as ‘burnt siena.'” — David Jackson, USA Today

  • “The pool was allowed to hear the presentation of only one author, thriller writer
    J.A. Jance
    . She joked that she couldn’t read from her latest work, Justice Denied, because the hero works for an outfit called the Special Homicide Investigation Team – not an acronym to be tossed around lightly before such an august audience. ‘With the president sitting here, my mother would never allow me to read that,’ Jance joked.” —

  • “As the pool headed to the press room, it encountered First Dog Barney sauntering in the Rose Garden. Barney dutifully posed for pictures until his master appeared on the colonnade, calling the pooch back inside. President Bush waved to the pool before disappearing back into the West Wing himself.” —