This Week In Pool Reports

Yes, yes — we loved it so much we just couldn’t say goodbye. So here it is: This week’s Best of the White House Pool Reports.

  • “Just before the pool went in, White House staffers passed out silly little conical hats that said ‘Happy Birthday.’ Tim Sloan wore two, and looked like the Devil. ‘Everyone has to wear one!’ the girls squealed. About 8:20, the pool was trotted downstairs into a tiny room and crammed in. Soon, a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” The lack of enthusiasm was soul-crushing.” — Joe Curl, Washington Times

  • “He emerged from the plane once again in coat and tie, accompanied by the personal friends who just happened to be in town, and choppered out a few minutes after that, no doubt practicing his surprised look for the ‘surprise party’ later today.” — Peter Baker,
    Washington Post

  • So it must be true: POTUS really doesn’t read the newspapers. How else to explain that he seems to be the only one who thinks he celebrates his birthday on his birthday? ‘Generally, I celebrate my birthday on the birthday itself,’ he scolded. Never mind the copious news coverage of this evening’s planned festivities at the White House. When those plans were mentioned to him, he allowed, ‘There may be a surprise party.’ Then he headed off for the fried chicken.” — Baker

  • A touch of excitement — for the press anyway — came on the ride back to the White House as the motorcade idled at a red light on 17th Street SE, not far from the Congressional Cemetery. A single firecracker popped near the back of the caravan. No noticeable reaction from the Secret Service … At the time of the firecracker, the only people easily visible were three children (two boys and a girl; young teens at the oldest) on a rowhouse porch to the right of the motorcade and back alongside the press vans. It’s unclear if they were the culprits.” — Ian Bishop, New York Post

  • “How do you top a day with Japanese PM Elvisumi and President Bush? Shuttle launch, followed by a NASCAR race at Daytona International Speedway. … Expected at Daytona — at least 100,000 fans. Cheney’s plane will make a flyover at 1,000 feet, delivering at least 10,000 extra votes this November.” — Curl

  • “But the Photogs had attention had already shifted to Karl Rove, chief of staff. He descended sporting Elvis shades and stick on side-burns, attempting to look blithe and unselfconscious. Photos, which will be used in evidence against him, however, ensued.” — Caroline Daniel, Financial Times