This or That? The Art of Bracketology


By way of AdFreak, we found this piece over at Slate, which relates to a new book of the same title, “The Enlightened Bracketologist,” by Mark Reiter and Richard Sandomir. The book (and the piece) are about why we like to rate things. Which is better? What would you want more? This or that? That’s what the book wants to go into. And to pique your interest, they’ve included some really great brackets on the site, including, the Ad Slogans Bracket and the Film Deaths Bracket. And here’s a definition of the term:

Bracketology — the practice of parsing people, places, and things into discrete one-on-one matchups to determine which of the two is superior or preferable — works because it is simple. It is a system that helps us make clearer and cleaner decisions about what is good, better, best in our world. What could be simpler than breaking down a choice into either/or, black or white, this one or that one?