They Might Be Giants Release ‘Song a Day’ Promo App

They Might Be Giants iPhone App

They Might Be Giants iPhone AppToday in Interesting Music Promo news: They Might Be Giants (you know, the guys who wrote the Malcolm in the Middle theme) came up with an innovative way to promote their upcoming album Nanobots, set for release on their own Idlewild Recordings label in March.

What did they do? They created an app, of course. It’s free, and while it doesn’t allow users to actually download any songs, it does stream a different TMBG track every day–and new users can access the five most recent ones so they don’t have to go to the trouble of opening it every day. The mp3 list includes a mix of classic “hits” and songs from the upcoming album, allowing fans to preview new material while simultaneously remembering why they liked the band in the first place.

Of course, TMBG are no strangers to creative PR: Way back in the early 80’s they created the famous Dial-A-Song service, which rewarded callers who dialed their Brooklyn-based answering machine with a new, exclusive song every day! Whether you enjoy their music or not, you have to admit that this is an extremely cool way to get folks excited about new material.

Oh, and for the less enlightened portion of TMBG’s fan base…there’s an Android version coming too.