’s Hall: “Actionable Journalism is the Most Effective”

Everyone seems to have an opinion about what’s the most effective form of business journalism. Is it investigative pieces that uncover issues with a company or the economy (al-la, a piece that would have given everyone a heads up about the housing collapse)? Or is it breaking news? Something else?

Talking Biz News spoke to Glenn Hall, editor of and asked him what’s the best way to present business journalism. He had an interesting answer:

I’m going to have to cite my own playbook here – actionable journalism is the most effective. The world is filled with noise – news, information, data, images, commentary, e-mails, alerts, Facebook posts, Tweets, Diggs, Buzzes, etc. – bombarding people from every angle all the time. Most people can use a little help cutting through the clutter and figuring out what it all means. I don’t think it’s enough to simply tell people what happened, they need help figuring out what to do. I’m not saying journalists should explicitly tell people what to do, but I do think we should provide the insight, analysis and expert recommendations that help people understand their options.

So Hall doesn’t just want journalists, but analysts as well. It’s one take, luckily there’s other types of business journalists out there providing the “news, information, data,” etc. so Hall has something to analyze and recommend.