Android App Works Fine But Doesn’t Provide the Site’s Fine Tech News Section

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I got word that the BlackBerry version of the’s app was recently updated. Unfortunately, I don’t use a BlackBerry. So, I can’t take a look at it. However, wandering over to…

…I noted also provides an app for the Android. You can find it in the Android Market by searching for the string “thestreet”. After downloading and installing the free app, I spent some time playing with it, reading news, adding stock symbols, and adding optional content sections. Comments about this app in the Android Market noted that it is crash prone. However, it did not crash at any time during several sessions with the app.

My only disappointment with app for Android is that it does not provide a way to read the site’s excellent tech news coverage found at… Tech

…from your desktop browser. My opinion is that smartphone users are more interested in that section than people who visit the site from the desktop and are probably more focused on the financial news (that admittedly is the site’s focus).

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