There’s A Pattern Here

He’s Working Out the Kinks–LA Times 7/18/06
Davies’ new rock working out the Kinks–Seattle Times 7/12/06
Davies Works out the Kinks in Concert–Music Industry Today 6/13/06
Working out the Kinks–Globe and Mail 03/24/06
Still Working out the Kinks–WaPo 11/25/01
Working out the Kinks–Music Dish 04/05/01
Davies Working Out Kinks–Harford Courant 4/25/02
Ray Davies: Still Working Out His Kinks, Sun-Sentinel 11/17/96
Working Out The Kinks–The Oregonian 7/24, 1995
Driven By Hate? Ray Davies Is Still Working Out the Kinks–AP 6/1//93
Fraternal disorder Davies brothers still working the kinks out of their relationship–Chicago Trib. 5/23/93

–Kate Coe–