There Are Only Two Hot Capitol Hill Reporters


(Photo Credit) Thank Heavens that FishbowlDC is recognizing just how totally hot local reporters really are, because The Hill Newspaper is out with its annual 50 Most Beautiful People list today and only two reporters made it on the list (sorry, David Rogers): Fox News reporter Megyn Kendall and Voice of America’s Peggy Chang.

The Hill’s Jonathan Kaplan took on the oh-so-difficult task of having to actually interview the blonde bombshell.

“She’d been interested in television reporting for a while, and when she moved to Washington she ‘stormed the offices of the local ABC affiliate’ and snagged a chance to work one day a week.

“That turned into part time, and part time turned into full time and, then, Fox News came calling.

“‘The things I liked about trying cases translated well to television,’ Kendall said. ‘It’s offering a presentation about a complex topic in a clear and concise way. The good thing about news is that after the 6 o’clock deadline there’s no hanging around to midnight.’

“Kendall did not want to get into the personal questions.

“‘What’s next, my weight?’ she said with a blend of humor and sarcasm when asked her age. She likes to say, ’29 plus’ or ‘old enough to know better.’

And Alex Bolton profiled Chang:

“She says D.C. is a great place to meet people ‘because everyone is from other places, so you don’t feel like an outsider.'”

“But she adds that it’s easier for her to date in Taiwan because ‘it’s home. That’s where you’re from and where you have your homies,’ she says. ‘Everyone can go out’ together.”

But perhaps Capitol Hill reporters shouldn’t be too upset that more of them didn’t make it on the list: Since studly Rep. John Boehner made the list, it’s clear that the bar is simply too high for the rest of us.