Cut to: Thelma Schoonmaker’s 77th Birthday

New York Film Critics Circle gifts famed editor with special award.

How’s this for some expertly spliced real-life context? Yesterday was famed film editor Thelma Schoomaker’s 77th birthday. It was also a day capped at Tao Downtown with the presentation to the Algerian native by actor Adam Driver of a special New York Film Critics Circle award.

Intriguingly, when you type Schoomaker’s full name in a Google Chrome or Google search bar, the first query that comes up is “Thelma Schoonmaker salary.” Really!? People most want to know what she makes? Weird.

Just before the holidays, Den of Geek deputy editor Ryan Lambie shared a lively Q&A with Martin Scorsese’s go-to editor. She talks at one point about an unexpected extra aural element during the making of Silence:

“We had very strong bird sound – a Taiwan bird – that was wailing all over our dialogue tracks, in a particular the scene where Rodrigues has been captured and he meets the other Christian prisoners. The sound man wanted to kill the bird if he could find it! Marty was saying, ‘No, no, no! That’s part of it. Leave it.’”

“So we have that, and the sound of an eagle, because raptors were migrating across from the north part of Taiwan at that time. There was an eagle flying around outside my editing room, so we tried to create a score that was very rich and natural sounding.

Full list of 2016 NYFCC honors here. Schoonmaker is a three-time Oscar winner, with Gold Derby currently predicting she stands as a 10/1 solid shot at receiving another Academy Awards nomination this year. Voting for the 2016 Academy Awards runs Jan. 5-24.

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