The Winner Of Susannah Breslin’s Pitch Contest Wears Cat Ears

And more power to her.

You might remember from last week that Susannah Breslin was asking young female journalists for their best pitches. She has now selected a winner and five runners-up.

You can read about the runners up here but we wanted to call out the qualities of the winner because she sounds like a truly interesting young woman.

“Lauren is not sitting around waiting for someone to anoint her a journalist,” Breslin said. “‘You could say that journalism itself is my life philosophy: Be curious, be honest, be bold,’ she wrote. Lauren is a multimedia journalist and blogger. She writes, makes videos, take photos, designs graphics, and builds websites.”

Lauren covers a variety of stories but also goes deep into anime fandom to cover stories about this subculture, which is one that doesn’t normally get a lot of attention in mainstream media. She’s interviewed workers at a maid cafe at an anime convention and spoken with Lolitas on the National Mall. (If you don’t know what these things are, well, there’s always Wikipedia.) Her story will appear on Susannah’s blog later this month.