The Whole Deal on Museum Thievery

A few days ago, we were back to picking on museums for being robbed and we wound up getting into a really great conversation with an UnBeige reader about the ins and outs of museum thefts (we’ve since taken that post down after this writer realized that some of the things we were picking on weren’t grounded in very much fact). It was an interesting talk we had by e-mail, and so we thought it was fortunate when we ran into this story, “Art Theft Often an Impulse Crime,” in the Sun-Sentinel. It goes over a lot of the details we’d spoken about, from the expert art thieves from days gone by now “replaced by strong-armed thugs” to all of the many security difficulties. So if you’re like this writer and maybe not so keyed into why museums get got, this piece should serve as a nice primer.

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