The WH Finds New Anti-Press Strategy

From Friday’s gaggle by Gordon Johndroe:

    (Fire alarm goes off.)

    Q What is that?

    MR. JOHNDROE: I know, right. Well, I guess we’re over. I guess we’re done now.

    Q Fire drill?

    MR. JOHNDROE: Yes, right, exactly. There’s a button up here on the new podium. See if one of these guys has something to say.

    Q It’s an easy way to get out of a briefing.

    MR. JOHNDROE: Yes, right.

    Q Week ahead? (Laughter.)

    MR. JOHNDROE: Yes, no kidding. Do you want me to just release it?

    Q Yes.

    MR. JOHNDROE: All right, thank you all.