The Weinerization of Booker’s Campaign: Stripper Friend Prefers ‘Real Meat’

That she works for a vegan strip club in Portland, Ore. is besides the point.

An interview with TMZ reveals that U.S. Senate hopeful Cory Booker’s online stripper pal, Lynsie Lee, prefers real meat to, say, soy puffs or Nayonaise.

Has Booker, who exchanged private texts with Lee, never heard of Anthony Weiner?

As interviews go, it was pretty in-depth and friendly. TMZ founder… Harvey Levin grilled her by Skype, asking about the vegan strip club and what that even means. Which is when she told him her preference for “real meat” causing TMZ reporter Charles Latibeaudiere to start laughing in dismay, as if to say, I’m not touching this one.

Later they even complimented Lee, writing, “She’s not a skanky dumb chick trying to fame whore … she’s an educated, smart woman who likes Booker’s game and has a mad crush on him.”

Watch here.