The Weekly Standard Gets Stabby With WaPo

We like a little right on left nastiness in Washington bloggery — it’s chicken soup for the deadened soul. This week The Weekly Standard takes a swipe at WaPo and the celebrity barf-fest that is now the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

In the Scrapbook blog, the writer takes on the topic of a nerdy high school student in Los Angeles inviting Kate Upton to his prom. Scrappy sarcastically notes WaPo‘s serious reportage on the matter and says they have no right to judge the concept of the nerd’s invitation as “bizarre.” Which then bleeds into commentary on WaPo competing with other news outlets around town to get the best celeb to come to the WHCD. Scrapbook says WHCD used to be a “(metaphorically) sober gathering” of White House journalists but is now a “televised laugh fest.”

Best line: “If the Post has deplored this development, or refrained from competing with Vanity Fair or NBC for the honor of inviting the cast of Duck Dynasty, we are unaware of it. Which is something to remember the next time the Post treats celebrity suck-up fever with disdain.”

Read the whole piece here.