The Week Opinion Awards



We confess: Liz Gorman is a much better photographer than we are. So look to Wonkette (when they do their roundup) for fancier photos than the ones here we have here.

But anyway, The Week magazine celebrated their annual Opinion awards last night at the Georgetown Four Seasons.

VIPs in the house:

Chris Matthews
Tammy Haddad
Matt Cooper
Terry McAuliffe (wearing a Hilary button, of course…)
Ben Bradlee
Tina Brown
George Stephanopoulos and Alexandra Wentworth
Jim Lehrer
Tucker Carlson
Al Hunt
Mark Shields
Dan Froomkin
Margaret Carlson
Thomas Friedman
Teresa Heinz
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
David Lat

(sorry for who we’re missing…)


Some interesting tidbits:

Ben Bradlee: “Journalism is dying? My ass!” “Keep your faith in newspapers” “Imagine a world without newspapers…you couldn’t take one of those machines (referring to news readers) into the john…”

And during the panel discussion, Harry Evans called on Chris Matthews in the audience to ask a question. Matthews asked, “Why is this room 99% white?” To which Tucker Carlson yelled out, “you’re the whitest.”


Columnist of the Year: Michael Kinsley, The Washington Post

Editorial Cartoonist of the Year: Chip Bok

Blogger of the Year: Josh Fruhlinger ( & Michael Totten (