The Week In Pool Reports

President Bush is awfully chummy with the pool as they dine on ‘mystery meat,’ and VPOTUS had two hours and five minutes of total power. Did anyone even notice?

  • “The President took no questions. Woodruff attempted to ask a question, but the President joked that ‘just because I recognized you Bob’ didn’t entitle him to ask a question.” Aaron Cahall, Newsday

  • “Potus climbed onto the truck’s front and shouted into the plane ‘You need a hand with that thing?’ POTUS was unusually interactive with the pool, and as he made his way toward the front of the plane he stuck his chest out and plowed right toward us, lightly thwapping your pooler in the stomach as he walked by.” — Jim Rutenberg, New York Times

  • “Afterward, POTUS hobnobbed with the pool again, walking up to NBC’s one and only Kelly O’Donnell and asking her how she was and then shouting over at your pool, ‘Hey, Rutenberg, they say you went down to Midland,’ a reference to a visit there last month for an immigration-related story.” — Rutenberg

  • “Then we headed over to the Charleston Club, the reception hall here, for a quick presidential lunch with assembled military here. POTUS got in the chow line and loaded a plate with fruit salad, corn, coleslaw, and a meat one of the airmen called ‘mystery meat’ — though it appeared to be the same very fine BBQ we got in the file, from Sticky Fingers catering. At one point he turned to an airman next to him and said, ‘You getting enough to eat?’ and then turned to the pool to tell us, ‘Man got him a full chicken.'” — Rutenberg

  • “Prior to the procedure, Bush invoked Section 3 of the 25th Amendment and transferred his presidential powers to Vice President Dick Cheney. This was done at 7:16
    a.m. with letters faxed to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Robert Byrd, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. (You should have copies of the letters). … Bush reclaimed his presidential powers at 9:21
    a.m. when letters were sent to Pelosi and Byrd informing them that Bush was able to carry out his constitutional duties. (Again, you should have copies). Cheney officially ran the country for two hours, five minutes.” — William Douglas, McClatchy Newspapers