TWT Execs Want To Train You to Kill

Here’s a fun one.

This morning, TWT Chief Digital Officer (whatever that is) John Solomon’s company, Packard Media Group, LLC, which powers TWT Editorial Page Editor Wes Pruden’s site, Pruden & Politics, sent an advertising email to Pruden’s mailing list.

Subject line: Vicious SEAL Team hand-to-hand secrets — cancelled.

This is apparently the last “heads up” Pruden’s listees and a handful of “other Tea Party members” will receive about a video that is about to be permanently canceled. “I’m not screwing around here,” warns Bob Pierce, President of FightForce/TRS, who sounds rather violent himself.It’s the SAME set of wicked ‘end-it-now’ tricks used by likes of our U.S. Navy SEALS and Israeli Special Forces.

Forget the belts. Or long hours of practice — busy soliders don’t have time for all that, he says. The video, which costs only a $7.95 shipping fee, promises to teach you to control and dominate any violent situation you might find yourself in with anyone of any size. After just one watch!

Purchase the video and Pierce claims you will learn the following:

1. How to properly use your knee cap (to inflict maximum damage)

2. The punishing “nose bridge” (inflicts mind-numbing pain)

3. The thumb rake (blinding)

4. The Israeli Special Forces bone crusher (can shatter specific delicate bones)

The testimonials are fabulous.Excerpts of references from those who have supposedly tried the techniques.

“This is what my little daughters are learning for their own self defense — I’m making sure of that!” 

“I’m not a big guy, but after seeing Ghetto Blocks, I feel sorry for anyone who picks me as a target.”

“Dr. V cuts straight through the crap and delivers what truly works. Awesome DVD!”

“This is a better investment than buying guns or knives to protect me with and it gives me a calm confidence to face any situation no matter what sick jerk I run into. I want to say thank you.” 

Read more here.

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