The Washington Post Adds Columnists to Its Opinions Section

Michael Kinsley and Barton Swaim join as conributing columnists.

The Washington Post signs Michael Kinsley and Barton Swaim as contributing columnists for the Post’s op-ed page and online opinions section. They will both post “on an occasional basis,” according to editorial page editor Fred Hiatt in the announcement.

Kinsley, a former New Republic editor who is currently a columnist at Vanity Fair, has his first column up as contributor. It’s a look at how technology will change the stature of an Ivy League degree.

Swaim is a former speechwriter whose 2015 memoir, The Speechwriter, chronicles the inanity of working for former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. He has written a number of pieces for the Post in the past few months, centered largely on the language used by 2016 candidates, although his gaze has turned to journalists as well.