The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial on Hacking Scandal is a Joke

The Wall Street Journal must have a drunk journalist problem. Someone must have broken into the newsroom, downed a few 40s and then pounded out a piece on the phone hacking scandal while no one was looking. That’s the only way we can see this editorial being published. It’s that ridiculous.

Let’s go through some of the idiocy, shall we?

First, the piece says that the actual act of the phone hacking isn’t the worst thing, it’s that Scotland Yard failed to investigate News of The World thoroughly when the problem first came out in 2009. Um, okay. That’s like a person who was arrested for murder saying, “Yeah I stabbed her to death, but what’s really messed up is the cops not realizing I have a history of violence and locking me up beforehand.”

Then, the (surprise!) uncredited editorial says that if the paper had simply stuck to hacking into celebrities’ lives, then no one would care. After that, the article takes to defending Les Hinton, the guy who manned the British sector when the scandal was going down. Just how does it do that? By saying that Hinton is a smart business guy. See, people with good business sense don’t ever do the wrong thing, so we should all just leave Hinton alone.

It’s a shame that this piece ran in the Journal. There are many journalists who work there that are doing the right thing, and it’s just sad that they have to assign their names by association to this piece. It’s so delusional, that it’s like Rupert Murdoch himself wrote it. Who knew he was a St. Ides guy?