The Wall Street Journal Uses Picture Of Arthur Sulzberger For “Girly Men” Feature

The Wall Street Journal ran an article this past weekend analyzing women’s preferences for “feminine” over “masculine-looking” men. In an image accompanying the article using components from different male faces, it would appear that the adorably dimpled chin taking up the bottom of the image belongs to none other than New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger.

It’s no secret that Wall Street Journal owner Rupert Murdoch is not exactly a fan of Sulzberger or of the New York Times – the two publications are currently going head-to-head with competing local New York sections.

Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff describes the extent to which the mogul despises his newspaper rival:

Murdoch often uses the editorial power of his papers to pursue his business goals. Foremost on his agenda is to maul the New York Times. Murdoch believes that one advantage he has in going after the Times is that Sulzberger is so easy to play and rile up — Murdoch once, with me, used puppet strings to refer to Sulzberger — and that Murdoch has a special understanding for how to get under Sulzberger’s skin. In the past, Murdoch has taken particular delight when the New York Post‘s “Page Six” has ridiculed Sulzberger — with Sulzberger calling Murdoch personally to protest. “Whinging” is the word Murdoch uses for Sulzberger’s calls.

The picture from which Sulzberger’s arguably girly chin and distinctive right earlobe are taken appears after the jump: