The Wall Street Journal Plans To Charge $17.99 A Month For iPad Edition

News Corp’s the Wall Street Journal is planning to charge a monthly fee of $17.99 for its upcoming iPad edition. The paper has also inked ad deals with Coca-Cola Co. and FedEx Corp. for $400,000, reports Bloomberg.

Currently, the Wall Street Journal‘s monthly subscription fee for access to both print and online content is $2.69 a week (which is roughly $10.76 a month).

Compare this with Wired UK editor David Rowan’s announcement that the magazine would cost less on the iPad than it would in print.

So, tell us: Would you pay $17.99 a month for the Wall Street Journal? Are you more likely to pay more for digital content on an iPad or similar device (which will likely provide for a more interactive reading experience and comes with the promise of better image quality, although there are issues, with certain e-reader devices, of e-ink readability, relatively short battery life, portability, etc.), or for print / online content?